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About U4I

Since the founding of University4Industry (U4I) in 2015, it is Jan Veira and Dr. Wolfgang Huhns mission to efficiently empower companies and their employees for the challenges of the future. Their comprehensive support of leading companies has proven that reskilling and upskilling are only successful through company-specific competence building. The expertise of the well-renown B2B company with its headquarters in Munich is based on its experienced team and its constantly growing eco-system of more than 1,000 experts, and over 120 partner institutions. Following the motto “Learn in order to act“, U4I supports 4 out of 5 German automotive manufacturers, 7 out of 15 DAX companies as well as 3 of the 5 largest German mechanical and plant engineering companies today and aims to be the leading partner for company-specific competence building.
With 30 years of industry experience, Dr. Wolfgang Huhn ensures that our learning content is relevant and application-oriented in order to create potential for companies. He was a senior partner in the German office of McKinsey & Company, where his focus was on semiconductor, optics, energy equipment and industrial IT industries. Dr. Wolfgang Huhn studied physics and electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University, where he received his doctorate in theoretical physics.
Picture of Dr. Wolfgang Huhn

Dr. Wolfgang Huhn

Founder and Managing Director

“Demographic change has made reskilling and upskilling a priority. Skills are desperately needed to ensure the performance and innovation capability of companies. But how can this be done in a company with full-time employees who have little time available for this? My experience: For successful personnel development, formats that are tailored to the respective target group and practice-oriented, as well as company-specific learning content that can be integrated into everyday work, are crucial.”
Jan Veira’s focus lies on the areas of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Security. Prior to founding U4I, he was Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, where he was part of the global Semiconductor Practice, working primarily for high-tech and technology clients. He has 10+ years of experience in the high-tech industry, an MBA from the University of California Berkeley, and a Diploma in physics from the TU Berlin.
Picture of Jan Veira

Jan Veira

Founder and Managing Director

“Digitalization and decarbonization are the topics of our time. For Germany and Europe, they represent an economic opportunity, but also a gigantic challenge. It is essential for companies to support their employees now in building the skills necessary for the future in order to remain capable of action and to secure prosperity. My mission with University4Industry is to successfully shape this transformation as a partner of large companies and organizations. This is how we ensure future viability!”

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With our team of experts from the fields of instructional design, project management, management consulting, education and technology, we are the education partner of companies facing the challenges of the future.

OUR Team

Our team empowers our customers & learners for the challenges of the future. Get to know some of our team members:

Picture of Christian Haake

Christian Haake

As partner manager, Christian Haake is the contact for our partners and trainers. Thanks to his many years of experience in the training sector, he has an extensive network within industry, universities and innovative companies, allowing him to always find the right experts for our customers.
Picture of Gernot Schlögl

Gernot Schlögl

Gernot Schlögl supports us in our long-term corporate strategy planning. He contributes industry insider knowledge which he gained during his tenure as partner with McKinsey & Company. He continuously shapes our product by leading customer projects with a focus on innovation.
Picture of Deryk Hopley

Deryk Hopley

Deryk Hopley leads our development team, working to provide the best possible learning experience for our users. He always has the efficient and motivating user experience in mind. Deryk Hopley and his team are responsible for our learning platform which builds the foundation for our training programs.
Picture of Dr. Claudia Harms-Schmid

Dr. Claudia Harms-Schmid

Dr. Claudia Harms-Schmid leads our Instructional Design team and together they ensure learning content for our customers that is practical, varied and integrated into everyday work. She utilizes her experience from strategy consulting to orchestrate the many different projects.
Picture of Harshita Goyal

Harshita Goyal

From analysis to evaluation, Harshita Goyal is responsible for the project management of our clients. With her expertise in Learning Sciences, she mainly advises our clients in the design and development of trainings to create a goal-oriented training program.
Picture of Antje Keahiolalo

Antje Keahiolalo

Antje Keahiolalo is the primary contact for everyone involved in our projects. Thanks to her many years of experience in project & process coordination, she has an overview of all projects. Antje Keahiolalo takes care of the smooth implementation of training programs. 
Picture of Horatiu Fantana

Horatiu Fantana

Dr. Horatiu Fantana’s focus is on leading various customer projects. He is constantly developing product innovations and new learning formats, often related to Machine Learning and AI. Dr. Horatiu Fantana has a PhD in Biophysics and is involved in multiple research projects together with U4I.

Picture of Taylor Kowalchuk

Taylor Kowalchuk

As a project manager, Taylor Kowalchuk guides clients through their entire competency development process and is the point of contact when it comes to training implementation. In supporting customers, Taylor Kowalchuk can draw on her knowledge of instructional design.


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