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We support you throughout your

reskilling and upskilling journey

We help companies in empowering their employees for the challenges of the future.

The comprehensive support of leading companies has shown that this is achieved only through company-specific competence building.

Thereby, we use the ADDIE instructional design model and orchestrate the design, development and implementation of your training program depending on your needs in varying depth and scope.

The duration from conception to implementation can be a few hours or take 2-3 weeks – depending on your requirements and the respective customer situation.




We support you in analyzing the
competency needs of your workforce

In accompanying training programs in large companies, we discovered that a structured approach is crucial for the success of training. In order to enable employees to achieve your business goals, analysis and design are essential to define learning objectives, content and formats effectively. Our team of consultants will guide you with our proven concept.

  • Support in analyzing competency needs based on use cases
  • Identification of the target groups for the necessary skills
  • Joint definition of learning objectives, learning content and learning formats within a workshop


We tailor a learning program to
your environment and needs

  • Design of the training program based on our LEDA format mix
  • Creation of company-specific content
  • Use of the entire U4I partner network for in-depth competencies
Based on the analysis, we develop an on-the-job, company-specific and engaging learning program. You will be supported by our team of instructional designers and consultants leveraging our content platform, which consists of 1,000+ experts, 120+ partner institutions and 1,200+ hours of online content.


We implement an effective and
efficient execution for your target group

Our team of project managers and instructional designers helps you with the realization of your learning program, which can be flexibly executed via MS Teams, our Cloud Player or via your existing LMS. We orchestrate your online or hybrid training program smoothly.

  • Ongoing guidance of trainees and trainers
  • Regular evaluation of the program
  • Development of further learning paths and retention trainings


LEDA format

What does the learning experience of the learners look like?

Based on our years of experience, we design and develop your learning program together with you, based on our LEDA format mix, and support you in the practical implementation. By having your employees follow the “LEDA” — Learn, Explore, Discuss, Act —concept we ensure efficient competence development in your company.

Build knowledge relevant for the company and tailored to the target group

Video-based modules, expert lectures and knowledge tests


Try out and
gain practice-oriented

Experiment with data, software and hardware


Reflect learnings with colleagues and transfer to the corporate context

Discussions and group projects


Transfer gained skills into daily work and apply new competencies

Realization of business goals



Effective learning needs structure:

  • A program with a clearly defined beginning and end
  • A weekly learning rhythm
  • A manageable time expenditure per week

This format has proven itself to achieve maximum learning success and to allow optimal integration into everyday work.

A typical program at U4I lasts 4-8 weeks (in individual cases even over 12 weeks), with a time commitment of usually 2-4 hours of learning time per week. In certain situations, the learning time can also be 1-2 days per week.

After a kick-off, each week has a focus topic. For example, this is what an industrial security training based on the IEC 62443 standard looks like:

Week 1:
Basics of Industrial security
Basics concepts IEC 62443 and Defense-in-depth
Implementation: first steps
tasks in the plant life cycle
incident response management
Best Practices for the implementation


Free Checklist

Almost every day, well-known companies find themselves in the headlines because they have been the victim of a cyberattack. For a long time now, security training and the development of measures have no longer been about the question of whether one will be affected, but when and to what extent. However, this does not mean that manufacturing companies should just sit and wait until the time comes. In this paper, we have listed what companies can do in advance to delay attacks and be as resilient as possible to attacks.

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