Help us to solve one of the biggest problems of our times and build with us the leading player for competence building.​


Who are we?

We are an education partner for compan-specific competence building and help companies to secure the future viability of their employees and their company. 

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What do we do?

We upskill the employees of our customers to face the challenges of the future by providing a company-specific and varied learning experience fully embedded in their day-to-day work.


Why choose us?

We live a flexible and networked way of working, characterized by the active and autonomous self-organization of the work process.

Who are we?

Our team


we come from Croatia, Albania, Denmark, India, and the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Austria and Bavaria among others.​

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Average age

We have a wide variety
of professional backgrounds

we are psychologists, physicists, educators, management consultants, and electrical engineers​.

Why choose us?

Our people-first culture


With us, you can get a classic 9-to-5 job, but you don't have to: some of us start at 7 a.m., others at 9 a.m.. Some like to work until 7pm, others stop at 4pm. If you like working in the office, you're always welcome. You prefer to work from home some days? That's perfectly fine with us.​


We have you on board because you are an expert in your field or because you want to grow professionally. That's why we trust you and give you responsibility from day one, regardless of whether you're an intern, working student, junior or senior.


We celebrate our accomplishments. We have a “Coffee and Brez'n” team meeting every month to get all insights. Additionally, we love to meet at team events for curling, playing Wii having some beers or cycling.


We will provide you with a powerful laptop and other hardware you need. Nothing should stop you from being creative, collaborating with your colleagues and having fun growing our business.​

Lunch Break​

We enjoy our lunch break around our office in Landshuter Allee. We go together to food trucks, the soup bar, the canteen or enjoy the international restaurants and cafés around the corner.

Office, Food & Drinks​

We really like our light-flooded office. There is always a big basket with fresh organic fruit ready for you, you can always help yourself to a FairTrade organic coffee and enjoy it with vegan milk or dairy milk. ​

Our application process

Step-by-step Guide

Your application
Send us your CV and a short cover letter to:​
First chat
A short call will help both sides to get a first impression, to feel the vibe and to clarify open questions​
Your Challenge
Our chance to see your expertise and your chance to check if this is what you would like to work on​
Interviews with your future team
You can ask your future team lead and team members all questions you have, introduce yourself and see if you can imagine working together​
Interviews with other team members
At U4I, more than just work counts: This talk will tell you if you can see yourself culturally a part of the team​
Job Offering
We would be happy if you accept our job offer and join our team​
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Be a part of U4I

You can identify with our vision and believe that your expertise can help us on our way to upskill employees for the challenges of digitalization but can’t find right now an open position fitting to your skills?

Convince us with your letter of motivation and CV!​


At U4I we have a flexible new work model. We believe that having a buzzing and creative office culture is important, so our answer is: it depends. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, the office-home-office-model is individually based on your role, team and personal situation.
The first assessment of your application will happen within a week and you will get your first answer within that time. The entire process after the first contact to a final decision can be expected to take up till 3 weeks
A motivation letter is not a must, but is recommended. All other documents, diplomas, recommendations will also help us to understand more about who you are and determine your application.

Our office is located in the center of Munich, in Landshuter Allee, and with its proximity to the main train station and the city center, it is easily accessible from anywhere.

You are very welcome to apply even if a job posting for your profile is not available. We are a growing company always seeking for motivated people willing to bring in their talents. You can directly apply here.​

It depends on your job. For some positions, it is an advantage or even necessary to understand and speak German as we are a company with mostly German customers. For most jobs, however, it is quite sufficient if you speak fluent English. Our internal work language is English.
We welcome everyone who can contribute their thoughts and ideas, and we are always on the lookout for interns. You will be given responsibility from day one and in return you will get a place to grow and learn as well as an appropriate salary. Just apply on your own initiative!

S-Bahn, U-Bahn and regional trains can be reached by foot within 10 minutes, and there is also a bus stop directly in front of the entrance.


Free Checklist

Almost every day, well-known companies find themselves in the headlines because they have been the victim of a cyberattack. For a long time now, security training and the development of measures have no longer been about the question of whether one will be affected, but when and to what extent. However, this does not mean that manufacturing companies should just sit and wait until the time comes. In this paper, we have listed what companies can do in advance to delay attacks and be as resilient as possible to attacks.

Sign up now to learn what you can do ALREADY to prepare best for a possible ransomware attack.

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