Digital Twin

The Awareness and Implementation Training from the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) and University4Industry covering all aspects of the digital twin.

The digital twin will be at the heart of the industry of the future, and the asset administration shell is the implementation of the digital twin for Industrie 4.0. But what do these terms actually mean? How can they be implemented to enable a variety of use cases?

The Industrial Digital Twin Association and University4Industry offer two unique, pre-competitive blended learning programs covering basic knowledge and understanding about digital twins and their concrete implementation.


From first impression towards implementation

Our format makes a difference with only 2 hours of dedication each week.

The Awareness Training and Implementation Training can be booked either individually or in combination.




We are pleased to work together with the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) to provide pre-competitive online trainings on the digital twin.

The IDTA is building an international community around the digital twin, providing an open-source catalogue of information models and enabling the implementation of the digital twin for all companies.

Experts from leading companies

Some of our experts

What our experts say

Markus Kiele-Dunsche

Denis Göllner


The standardized digital twin, the AAS, significantly reduces the effort of integrating and maintaining information and digital elements in IT systems. We are convinced by the concept of the digital twin and would like to get more automation specialists and machine engineers on board. That's why we are part of the dissemination of knowledge about AAS via University4Industry by showing via various lectures and use cases how to implement it in a target-oriented way.

Bosch Connected Industry

There is no doubt that digital twins have huge potential. Nevertheless, some will ask: How can I leverage this potential? How exactly does it work, and moreover, why should digital twins be interoperable? What exactly do I have to do to become an active part in this? I'm pleased to have been involved in the Awareness Training, which attempts to answer these questions.

What our clients say

I found the Digital Twin training very useful introducing AAS & ITDA and it encouraged me to start thinking about how we can adopt this knowledge in our business with our customers. I think it is one of the very and rare series of training about Industrial Digital Twin that take you from the very beginning to real use cases using AAS standards and how to implement it with contribution and sponsors from global industrial leaders such as Siemens, SAP, BOSCH & ABB. The training platform experience was very easy to follow and finish. Weekly Live Sessions give a chance to speak to industry experts and learn from them and how their organization implemented ITDA AAS Standard. Digital Labs gave a good idea about AAS sample implementation based on AAS Explorer with links with other open source tools for more trial and hands-on experience with different SW developing programming languages.

Mohamed Safwat​
  • Awareness Training: 4 weeks, 4 live sessions, 2 hours per week
  • Implementation Training: 3 weeks + 1 week pre-training, 3 live sessions, 2 hours per week
  • Price: € 399 excl. VAT per training, € 599 excl. VAT for the package with both training sessions.
  • If your company is an IDTA member, please feel free to contact us for a discount.
  • Language: English

Awareness Training:

  • 2023 dates on request

Implementation Training:

  • 07.11.2022 – 25.11.2022
  • 2023 dates on request

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