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The growing use of artificial intelligence in companies is becoming increasingly important. The field of Conversational AI offers a wide range of possibilities for automating and revolutionizing communication in companies with the help of voice and chatbots. 

What is conversational design? And how do I create user-friendly bots?

Conversation designers make chatbots and voice assistants seem more human, they give them a personality. They develop use cases for the optimal use of the bots, which is then perfected with the help of artificial intelligence.

Want to learn more about how companies are leveraging this technology to add value?

Then join our Conversational AI training and we'll show you how Conversational AI works.


In this blended learning program, you will start with the basics of Conversational Design. We'll look at what exactly this new technology is and how companies can already benefit from it. We’ll continue with how this technology can support the design and planning of voice and chatbot projects with the help of frameworks.

The course also focuses on best practices in conversational design and copywriting, giving you the right tools to create user-friendly bots. Finally, we‘ll give you insights on how to run these solutions. 

After completing our program, you will know what tools, skills or resources are needed to successfully deploy Conversational AI in your organization for the long term. 



6 week program
6 live MS Teams sessions 
4.5 hours per week 


We are excited to offer this special and unique program, in partnership with top companies in the industry.

Founded in 2017, BOTfriends specializes in the development and design of Conversational AI applications such as chatbots and voicebots.

“BOTfriends is a leader in the development of chatbot applications” – Google

Founded in 2018, the Conversation Design Institute teaches applicable skills for developing human-centric AI assistants. The proven process is used by companies around the world to develop, deploy, and optimize chatbots and voice assistants at scale. Using the specific learning content from the Conversation Design Institute, we have developed a hybrid learning program on this topic

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