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Software Development

Software now permeates all facets of business operations, from marketing and sales to supply chain management and customer service. It is no longer limited to the realm of IT departments and has become a vital component of the industrial domain, where it enables new services, enhances performance, and optimizes processes. Therefore, upskilling your workforce in software-related skills enables employees from various corporate functions to harness its power and maximize their contribution.

Leveraging the existing workforce’s domain knowledge is a strategic approach to upskilling. By building on their strong foundation, organizations can expedite the learning curve and achieve faster implementation of software solutions.

Being a proficient coder is not enough in today’s industrial context. The ability to work effectively within the unique challenges and constraints of industrial environments is crucial. Upskilling programs provide professionals with the necessary skills to navigate complexities, ensuring the successful integration of software solutions into corporate processes.

Address the talent gap

There is a shortage of qualified software professionals in the market, and the demand is only growing. By upskilling your existing workforce, you can fill the skills gap and retain your valuable employees.

Leverage domain knowledge

Your employees already have a strong understanding of your business domain, your customers, and your processes. By upskilling them in software-related topics, you can build on their existing expertise and enable them to create better solutions.

Improve speed and quality

Upskilling can help your employees learn how to work more effectively and efficiently in the software domain. They can learn best practices, tools, methods, and standards that can improve the quality and speed of their work.


Our course portfolio delivers with the challenges of the industrial organization in mind – the complex integration of hardware and software, the need to ensure software maintainability over the product‘s lifecycle, and security requirements that are constantly growing.

Our curated set of courses therefore goes beyond programming languages and puts a strong emphasis on the competencies for becoming an effective software developer. This covers topics such as quality (e.g., clean code and software testing), efficiency (e.g., software patterns, containerization), and collaboration (e.g., DevOps, SCRUM).

Software Development

  • Clean Code
  • Software Modelling
  • ISTQB Certified Tested
  • Playwright
  • DevOps Foundation
  • Agile Leader
  • C# Introduction
  • C++ Advanced
  • Embedded Linux
  • Android Security
  • Data mining with Python
  • Tensorflow & Keras

What sets us apart


Portfolio can be easily tailored to your needs and provided as white-label solution


In-house courses typically economically beneficial for >5 participants


Ready-to-book courses, with both open-seat and in-house delivery available


Structured around software-developer effectiveness, for coding and beyond


Consistently high quality of courses delivered by carefully selected providers


Curated for industry requirements and the needs of cross-functional teams


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Almost every day, well-known companies find themselves in the headlines because they have been the victim of a cyberattack. For a long time now, security training and the development of measures have no longer been about the question of whether one will be affected, but when and to what extent. However, this does not mean that manufacturing companies should just sit and wait until the time comes. In this paper, we have listed what companies can do in advance to delay attacks and be as resilient as possible to attacks.

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