Data Strategy and Digital Business Models

“The digital tsunami is still to come. There will be no chance to save companies with outdated business models.”

Anders Indset, Business Philosopher

A manager who leads her organization into digitization must be able to establish connections:

Themes | Questions
  • Digital Strategy:
    Which levers create a competitive advantage?​
  • Monetization Models: ​
    What is the business model? How are we going to make money?​
  • Platform Business: ​
    How do we use platforms to create customer benefits and scale our business?​
  • Ecosystems: ​
    How do we work together with others to create superior customer value?​
  • Data Strategy and AI: ​
    How do we access and expand data pools?
  • Cloud and cloud platforms:
    What strategy are we pursuing regarding our infrastructure? How do we use Azure or AWS?​

Digitization for companies as a complete system

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This section of the overall digitization system deals with “Data strategy & Digital Business Models”

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