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The pandemic dramatically changed the way we work essentially overnight. People are now returning to their offices (at least in part), but to retain top talent, more flexibility in the way we work is essential. How can managers and team leaders offer more flexibility while ensuring that engagement and productivity remain the same or even increase?

There are many things to consider: leadership and teamwork in virtual or hybrid settings, digital workflows and IT tools, IT and data security in the home office, a fundamental awareness and shared understanding of the new way of working, and broad support from leaders and teams.

So what is behind the megatrend New Work? What does "Future of Work" mean and how can it be implemented efficiently?

New Work for the new normaL

Maybe instead: The New Work training is designed for leaders in organizations across all industries that are undergoing a digital transformation. In this blended learning program, there is one learning path for team leaders and one for team members. In addition to an introduction to the basics of New Work, participants learn how to introduce and implement new ways of working in their own team.



6 weeks program
6 Live-Sessions in MS Teams
4,5 hours per week 

Our Partner in New Work

We are pleased to have a proven subject matter expert on board for the topic of New Work. Together with Sylvain, we have developed the course program on New Work and he will actively accompany the courses (e.g., in live events such as talks, Q&A rounds, and group discussions).

Sylvain has over 20 years of experience in human resources with a particular focus on learning and leadership development. He led the Corporate University at General Electric, as well as the group-wide board initiative "New Work Model" at Allianz, and is a Senior Advisor at Columbia Business School in New York. He has a keen interest in understanding how organizations, leaders, and culture must be reinvented to master the challenges of tomorrow.

Sylvain Newton

Founder of Newton Consulting


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Almost every day, well-known companies find themselves in the headlines because they have been the victim of a cyberattack. For a long time now, security training and the development of measures have no longer been about the question of whether one will be affected, but when and to what extent. However, this does not mean that manufacturing companies should just sit and wait until the time comes. In this paper, we have listed what companies can do in advance to delay attacks and be as resilient as possible to attacks.

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