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Our range of learning content on Digital Marketing - developed together with experts and partners from the industry

Digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce are among the most important skills of all – whether you are self-employed, work in a start-up, or in a corporation.

However, marketing platforms and the associated strategies are continuously changing: how do I know on which channels my company should be active? How do I become successful on these channels? How much money should I spend on advertising on Google and how do I measure success?

In our 7-week blended learning program, you will acquire practical knowledge and learn about the most important tools to be more successful in your job.

The training in digital marketing is aimed at:

Marketing professionals: you are perfectly familiar with the world of analog marketing and now want to learn about the digital world.

Young professionals: You are a young professional or trainee and want to learn the most important online marketing basics.

Self-employed and founders: You want to learn the basics of online marketing to advance your business and to be able to manage your employees well.


Continuing education in digital marketing is a broad term. It can mean a social media marketing course, a SEO course, or a performance marketing course.

We have made it our goal to shed light on digital marketing in a fully comprehensive way. Get a complete overview of the most important topics and learn everything about digital marketing and e-commerce from A-Z: the strategy, channels, analytics, trends from Asia and Silicon Valley, and best practices.

But knowledge transfer is only one important component of the digital marketing course. Exchange ideas through group work activities and live events, and work together on small projects to put what you’ve learned during the training into practice.




7 weeks program
7 3-hour live sessions on MS Teams  
Weekly video content with the expert 

We cover the following themes
with our portfolio:

  • What is social media marketing and why is it important for companies?
  • What is good content?
  • Basic types of content: educational, inspirational, entertaining
  • Elements of social media marketing: influencer marketing, community marketing, advertisement on social media
  • Data collection about users and posts
  • Typical errors and countermeasures
  • Digital marketing technologies: Analytics & Performance Tools, A / B testing, Web and Mobile Analytics Tools
  • Creation of an e-commerce dashboard: relevant KPIs along the customer journey
  • What is a marketing technology (MarTech) stack?
  • What are the goals of the MarTech stack?
  • Categories of expenses: working expenses (brand marketing, performance marketing) and non-working expenses
  • Recommendations on the distribution of expenses to optimize the return on investment
  • Optimization of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) expenses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expenses; display advertising expenditure; email marketing expenses, affiliate marketing expenses
  • Optimization of the user experience (UX) to increase the conversion rate
  • Agile marketing
  • The 5 steps of an agile campaign: generating ideas (including 3D segmentation, personas, customer journeys, key messages); design (including modules, A / B testing); development, execution and feedback


Dr. Teo Pham

Alex Khan

Dr. Teo Pham is an expert in social media, e-commerce, Web3, and the metaverse.
With his company Delta School, he helps international corporations with digital upskilling, and as a keynote speaker, he reports on global tech trends.

His references include Accenture, Disney, Vodafone, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, and ProSiebenSat.1.

His “Trends” podcast is one of the most popular German business podcasts. On LinkedIn, he was named a “Top Voice” as one of the most important voices on the platform.

Previously, he worked as a professor, e-commerce founder, and in media & venture capital.

Alex Khan is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, lecturer, and CEO of, which is one of Facebook’s preferred social media agencies.

With over 15 years of social media experience, he is one of the first social media experts in Germany.

Back in 2005, he managed one of the first social networks in Germany. Since then, he has founded Germany’s largest professional model community and the first mobile marketplace for fashion.

With his current agency, Alex has worked with well-known brands such as Red Bull, Villeroy & Boch, WELLA, OPI, Henkel, SKY, L’Osteria, and ghd hair. Over 100,000 people follow Alex Khan on his social channels. He is also a lecturer at Macromedia University Munich for Online Marketing, Digital Branding & Social Media.


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