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We offer training programs on the topic of IT and OT security in our unique blended learning format.

The increasing digitalization of industrial production plants in the context of Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT requires that managers and employees (on the side of manufacturers, integrators, and operators) deal with security in the production environment. Industrial security is of immense importance in order to ensure the permanently secure and reliable operation of networked plants. This is not only about technical solutions, but also about processes and the behavior of people. Training employees across the board and educating subject matter experts is a huge implementation task.

Our portfolio for further education in the area of industrial security with online learning content and IT and OT security training, covers a wide range of topics. We cover basic concepts of the relevant IEC 62443 standard as well as concrete recommendations for action, explanations of technical fundamentals and practical examples. The portfolio also includes cybersecurity awareness training, further training in the area of functional security, IT and OT security, and online training courses on the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).


The news about devastating cyber security incidents at companies does not stop: By now, it is clear to everyone that it is no longer a question of whether they will be hacked, but when they will be hacked. But how can companies best protect themselves and optimally prepare for potential incidents in the future to avoid terrible damage?

The international IEC 62443 series of standards is considered an important standard for IT and OT security in industrial production. It defines different roles (operator, system integrator, manufacturer), each of which takes a risk-based approach to handling security threats. The concepts and recommendations of the IEC 62443 series of standards can be used to establish systematic and successful security management in companies.

Our format at a glance

Blended learning approach = online, “self-paced” learning + exercises + expert workshops + facilitated group discussions 

Our IEC 62443 blended learning program is aimed at security managers from all industrial companies who want to establish holistic security management in their companies. The program starts with a basic introduction to the threat landscape, roles and responsibilities, and IT/OT convergence. The basic concepts of IEC 62443 such as defense-in-depth are covered as well as the first implementation steps for establishing holistic security management. Security for operators and security in the development process are also dealt with in-depth. The content is rounded off by practice-oriented online exercises and live workshops.

Our Partner for this program

The content in this section was developed with more than 20 companies and institutions. Among others, members of the industrial security working group in VDMA, Fraunhofer, Siemens, Rhebo, Goethe University Frankfurt, HiSolutions as well as Pepperl+Fuchs share their expertise on cybersecurity and IT & OT security in industry, e.g., in the security awareness training.

Pierre Kobes, our partner in IEC 62443, worked for SIEMENS AG for over 40 years and was responsible for standards, regulations and certifications for Siemens DI. He was involved in the development of most of the ISA/IEC 62443 documents as well as in several projects implementing the ISA/IEC 62443 standard within Siemens DI. Pierre Kobes continues to work on the further development of ISA/IEC 62443. 

Dr. Pierre Kobes

Program Scope
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Effort: 2 hours per week
  • Live Sessions: 6 via MS Teams
  • Language: English
date on request
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  • for myself (individual registration): 1500 € excl. VAT
  • for my team (5 or more participants): 1275 € excl. VAT (price per person)
  • for my company (more than 25 participants): Price on request

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