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We are an education partner for in-depth competencies in the context of digital transformation and help companies to secure the future viability of their employees and their company.

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How is competitiveness (re)defined in a digital world?

What levers and prerequisites are there for success?

How do technologies, processes, and skills interact?

Four Steps To Create Value For Your Company


learn Knowledge selected by experts specifically for your company

Online Learning Content

Video-based modules

Interactive exercises explained by experts

Online, self-directed, flexible


Experiment and gain experience online

Online Labs

Practical experience

Experiments with data, software & hardware

Online, self-directed, flexible


Find applications with colleagues

Group Work & Discussion

Discuss and deepen understanding in context

Apply new skills in group projects

Online & in-person formats


Take measures and implement them

Define Next Steps

Transfer to your own work environment

Determine the need for action in your own company

Define projects

Online & in-person formats

U4I cloud platform + integration with Microsoft Teams for efficient implementation

What our clients say

Dr. Gunther Kegel​

CEO of Pepperl+Fuchs,
President of the ZVEI​

The ‘Digital Curriculum’ is the largest and most extensive training project that Pepperl+Fuchs has ever carried out. The concept of this e-learning platform was individually tailored to Pepperl+Fuchs. This meant that we were able to sensitize and even inspire our employees worldwide for the topic of digital transformation - an enormous benefit for us as a driver of Industry 4.0 solutions. Our employees now act as multipliers for one of our central focus topics, and we also ‘live’ digitization in the company itself.

Burkhard Balz

Senior Vice President Automation Systems

Thanks to the sales training with University4Industry, our sales department is well prepared for Industry 4.0 and IIoT and can effectively convey the functionality of the latest Lenze solutions to our customers.

Martijn Theunissen​

Sales Director at IXON Cloud

We at IXON are active within IIoT, where IT meets OT. Exactly in this field of IIoT, U4I provides a great overview of relevant upcoming technologies. This enables our technology experts and sales representatives to align on a future perspective in the industry. Thus, we can provide great value to our customers by having a broad understanding of the digital transformation in mechanical engineering - as guiding the machine builder through that transformation is one of IXON's core objectives. What is exceptionally great about the content provided by U4I is the combination of theoretical knowledge from industry experts and practical examples.

Francois van Wyk


The collaboration with University4Industry was a huge success and their ability to understand and customize their learning content to address our unique needs were a key factor to this success. We have achieved a very high participation rate and favorable Net Promotor score, and the program assisted in developing a global network of multipliers that have acquired the confidence and skills to address the ever-changing digital environment.

What to expect

Learn ...

Compiled for your corporate context

Learn more

Ecosystem with > 350 leading experts from companies

Content & presentation suitable for executives

... in order to act

Group discussions to start the transformation

Structure & rhythm with 1-2 hours time investment per week

Transformation started

Typical results:
> 85% activation rate
> 90% completion rate

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