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Our portfolio of online courses and online learning content on Digital Marketing & Sales covers a wide range of topics. We explain what changes digitization and, above all, the possibilities of data generation and analysis for marketing & sales mean. Which new tools are relevant for marketing and how should sales react – also with regard to the changes due to COVID-19.

Our portfolio of online learning content is the starting point for creating tailor-made training courses for your company and your employees. The content in this area was created with companies and institutions such as DZP (Dirk Zupancic Projects) and Attractive Media.

Our cooperation partners

We offer content that was developed with experts from various companies and institutions in the field of Digital Marketing & Sales. Here are some examples of the contributing partners and experts:

Alex Khan

Social Media Expert and Founder of Attractive Media GmbH

Dirk Zupancic

Owner and Managing Director of DZP Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic Projects GmbH

We cover the following themes with our portfolio:

  • What is social media marketing and why is it important for companies?
  • What is good content?
  • Basic types of content: educational, inspirational, entertaining
  • Elements of social media marketing: influencer marketing, community marketing, advertisement on social media
  • Data collection about users and posts
  • Typical errors and countermeasures
  • Digital marketing technologies: Analytics & Performance Tools, A / B testing, Web and Mobile Analytics Tools
  • Creation of an e-commerce dashboard: relevant KPIs along the customer journey
  • What is a marketing technology (MarTech) stack?
  • What are the goals of the MarTech stack?
  • Categories of expenses: working expenses (brand marketing, performance marketing) and non-working expenses
  • Recommendations on the distribution of expenses to optimize the return on investment
  • Optimization of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) expenses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expenses; display advertising expenditure; email marketing expenses, affiliate marketing expenses
  • Optimization of the user experience (UX) to increase the conversion rate
  • Agile marketing
  • The 5 steps of an agile campaign: generating ideas (including 3D segmentation, personas, customer journeys, key messages); design (including modules, A / B testing); development, execution and feedback
  • 5 characteristics of good salespeople
  • Basic decisions, planning levels and building blocks of a sales strategy
  • How companies achieve excellence in sales
  • Leadership in sales:
    • 5 leadership skills of the future for sales
    • 6 key management styles
    • Special challenges of leadership in a sales-driven company
  • Strategic customer management in the age of differentiation (customer segmentation)
  • Customer rating and customer value
  • Differentiation of lean selling, value selling and key account management and when these should be used
  • Cross-industry B2B trends as a driver of key account management development
  • Key account management goals (account profitability, share of wallet)
  • Differentiation between operational and corporate key account management
  • Barriers to key account management
  • What will the future of customer engagement look like: creating data, generating insights, planning campaigns, cross-functional execution
  • Personalized customer engagement with advanced analytics
  • Best practices: Advanced Analytics engine, agile working, cross-functional collaboration, data-driven mindset, leadership & performance management

Our portfolio is the basis for:

Have a look at some content examples from our offering:

Social Media Marketing | EN | 4 Chapters | approx. 1 h

What is Social Media Marketing and why is it relevant to companies? In this course you will learn why you should care about social media as a marketing tool, and what you should keep in mind in order to get started.

To Course

Sales-Driven People | DE | 3 Chapters | approx. 1 h

Are good sales employees lone wolves whose personalities are made for sales? Or can the behaviors of Sales-Driven People be learned?

To Course

Your contact person for Digital Marketing & Sales at University4Industry:

Dr. Theresa Teerling

Theresa oversees projects for our customers with a special focus on training programs for managers. It is particularly important that each program is tailored to the needs of the respective target groups and the respective company. Theresa also has a PhD in business administration and is responsible for the courses of “Digital Marketing & Sales”.

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