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We are proud to support leading global corporations and successful mid-sized companies in various phases of digital transformation with our services. As part of a long-term collaboration, we help clients successfully overcome challenges in the area of up- and reskilling.

Customer: Pepperl+Fuchs SE

Topic: Industrial Digitalization

Industry: Industrial Sensors, Explosion Protection​

Language: English

Goal: Accompanying training program as part of the company-wide digital transformation

Implementation: Customer-specific program, tailored to different target groups, that provides an overview and in-depth knowledge on various topics and technologies; includes online labs to teach practical skills.


  • Two year program in which > 50% of employees were trained
  • > 20,000 courses started
  • 90% satisfaction

The Digital Curriculum is the largest and most extensive training project that Pepperl + Fuchs has ever carried out. The concept of this e-learning platform was individually tailored to Pepperl + Fuchs. This has led to the fact that we have been able to sensitize and even inspire our employees worldwide for the topic of ‘digital transformation’ - an enormous benefit for us as a driver of industry 4.0 solutions. Our employees now act as multipliers for one of our central focus topics, and we also live digitalization in the company itself.​

Dr. Gunther Kegel​

CEO Pepperl+Fuchs,
President ZVEI

Customer: Lenze SE

Topic: Foundations of Industrial Digitalization

Industry: Automation and Drive Technology​

Language: German and English

Goal: To enable salespeople to speak and feel confident about selling digital solutions​

Implementation: Online training with approx. eight hours of digital content as preparation for a face-to-face workshop


  • Over 100 trained employees
  • > 95% activation rate
  • > 90% Net Promoter Score​

Thanks to the sales training with University4Industry, our sales department is well prepared for Industry 4.0 and IIoT and can effectively communicate the functionality of even the latest Lenze solutions to our customers.​

Burkhard Balz

Senior Vice President
Automation Systems​

Customer: IXON Cloud

Topic: Foundations of Industrial Digitization

Industry: IIoT Platform

Language: English

Goal: Enabling sales representatives to understand connected products and corresponding customer needs from both a technological and a business perspective​

Implementation: Online training with about 8 hours of digital content​​

Result: Completion rate of individual courses > 90% ​

We at IXON are active within IIoT, where IT meets OT. Exactly in this field of IIoT, U4I provides a great overview of relevant upcoming technologies. This enables our technology experts and sales representatives to align on a future perspective in the industry. Thus, we can provide great value to our customers by having a broad understanding of the digital transformation in mechanical engineering - as guiding the machine builder through that transformation is one of IXON's core objectives. What is exceptionally great about the content provided by U4I is the combination of theoretical knowledge from industry experts and practical examples.

Martijn Theunissen

Sales Director
IXON Cloud

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